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له‌ ۆركشۆپێكدا ڕۆڵ و ئه‌ركی كۆلێژ و به‌شه‌ زانستییه‌كان له‌ پرۆسه‌ی ڕیزبه‌ندی نیشتمانی زانكۆكانی كوردستان ڕوونكرایه‌وه‌

posted Oct 24, 2021, 8:33 AM by Hidayat Jamal Qadir   [ updated Dec 4, 2021, 2:05 AM by Directorate of Quality Assurance ]
The roles and the responsibilities of scientific colleges and departments discussed in a workshop
On Sunday, October 24th, 2021, the Directorate of Quality Assurance held a workshop under the title “ The Process of National Universities Ranking & the scientific colleges and departments’ roles & responsibilities”. The workshop was arranged for Mrs. Lanja Assi, Director of Teaching Quality Assurance of Charmo University. She asserted that the purpose of the workshop was to clarify the process and its ranking criteria. Moreover, to shed light on the roles and the responsibilities of the scientific colleges and departments on the entire process; in order to enable them to organize their activities and projects according to the required standards and guidelines. Resulting in the further improvement of the university’s ranking.
The workshop was organized for; the deans, the deans’ assistants, research center manager, heads of the departments and their coordinators, head of the scientific committees, Teaching Quality Assurance Administrators of the colleges, Director of art activities and media , director of general registration, head of the Charmo University’s central library, and the sports unit director